Ahalanui — Hot Ponds

Ahalanui Park is a sanctioned off cove of ocean water with steps, railing, and lots of parking. If you're seriously about exploring this location it's best to do it as early as possible. Being there at 5:30am or 6:00am will allow you to enjoy the waters before they are stirred up by the daily crowds that come from all over to experience the naturally occurring heated ocean water. It is an optimal place to learn how to snorkel if you're new to it and you'd like a quiet place you can get there early and enjoy the warm waters that are heated by the flowing lava on the Big Island. The water is packed with exotic fish and exploring feels very safe because the area is safe guarded by an ocean wall. Hygiene concerns have been raised because the during peak hours the Hot Ponds bacteria level exceeds the EPA's acceptable amount.  It's recommended that you avoid peak hours and rinse off in the shower area before headed home. 

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