Papakolea  Green Sand Beach

Where the road ends a trail and 2 mile hike to the beach begin. Bring sunblock and plenty of water.  

Regardless of whether you're in Hilo, Kona, or Hawi, if you follow the road south you'll find the edge of the world. Well, first you'll find beautiful wind mills and vast plains then you'll find the edge of the world. The southern tip of the big island is the southern most point of the United States and hosts one of only four green sand beaches on planet Earth, Papakōlea Beach. 

Find the sign towards South Point road. This single road will take you down and back. After seven and a half miles stay left when you spot signs for Green Sand Beach. Most visitors park their vehicles at the beginning of the trail then hike the two miles to the beach. If you're planning this remember to bring plenty of water and sun screen. But there are people offering rides for $25 bucks a pop.

It's recommend to pay someone to give you a ride. It is overstaffed with people offering rides in their pick up trucks and few stock SUV's can make it to the beach. If you're interested in exploring this area, you should pack plenty of food and drink and even bring some chairs. If you're going to pay for a ride it's an easy way to get your beach gear there without having to lug it two miles. Bring enough cash to ensure you can pay for a ride both ways. 

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