Visiting Hapuna should be a mandatory part of the human experience. It is a pristine white sand beach on the west side of the Big Island just north of Kailua-Kona. There is a small entry fee but for your money you get quite a lot. If you arrive early enough that the admission booth isn’t open you will find parking permit machines. There are well kept public restrooms on the beach that offer places to change and outside showers that offer places to rinse the salt water off after a swim. Mornings here are calm so if you happen to arrive early take a moment to gaze into the sea, 5,232 miles directly across from you is Northern Taiwan. The beach starts to get busy in the early afternoon but there is so much room it’s never an issue. This beach is great for body surfing and sun bathing. It’s not an ideal snorkel spot because of the waves. 

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