Kekaha Kai

The drive down to the park is rough and some attempt this drive in their rented sedans. This isn't a great idea because you're renting the car and the locals will see you and might think you're a little lame. But some people do attempt to bring their sedans down the bumpy rocky road. In fact, it's rampant. It happens all the time. But ideally you would want to make this drive in an SUV or 4x4. It might be easier to drive your sedan part of the way or park as far in as you can get before locking up and hiking down. You can leave your car on the side of the trail as long as it's not in the way. Just lock up and hike in. Bring sunblock and water. It's also worth bringing a pair of beach shoes, Like vibram five fingers or water shoes. The beach is rocky and it's to cut yourself open on the jagged rocks. It's a beautiful spot and more seasoned beach goers should give this beach a try. But it's worth considering straying away from if you're new to the Island. If you're looking for a hidden beach that is more smooth and clear but still relatively hidden check out Makalawena or Manini'owali. 

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