Pololu Valley

Pololu is also home to Pololu Beach

If you drive north on the big island for long enough you'll run out of road and end at Pololu Valley Lookout. The state hasn't gotten around to building the bit of road that links route 270 to route 240 yet. They have opted to protect the pristine forests of Hawaii. People are free to hike in the valley. The entrance way is a steep hike down but once you get to the bottom you will be rewarded with a beautiful black sand beach called Pololu Beach. But be warned this beach makes for bad swimming and snorkel the surf can be high and dangerous.  The trail will give you a guided tour around the valley. Be sure to bring bug repellent in addition to sunblock and water. You can park at the top and your car will be just fine. Be careful not to block the roadway it's very narrow getting in and out especially in the afternoons when it's most crowded.  

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