Punalu'u Black Sand Beach

One of your bests chances to see a Sea Turtle is here at Punalu'u. 

Punalu’u Beach Park has a fantastic back story. The black sand beach is said to be home to Kauila a great turtle goddess who could transform into a human. The locals believed her to be an ocean guardian that watched over the children and gifted them clean drinking water. Punalu’u even translates into "spring diver” and by spring, they mean fresh water spring because underwater vent releases fresh spring water that locals used to dive down with containers to retrieve it. The black sand is striking, and even more so are the all of the sea turtles bathing on the beach. It is surreal to know somewhere on this planet there is a beach where the sand is black and sea turtles come to take naps there. This is your best bet to see sea turtles on the big island. They love to sun bathe here and take naps so be cool and try not to wake them up. Ocean life is rough. The black sand beach is lovely, but there are better places to snorkel. In winter there are often times whales swimming off the shore. Swimming is not recommended. This is a great place to stop when returning back to Kona from Volcano national park and it's certainly worth the visit.

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